Monday, November 16, 2015

How To Live Your Life Outside of Social Media

Yesterday, our Youth Pastor, Josh, taught a message on life outside of social media. He has read Craig Groshel's new book called "#Struggles." We have gotten so consumed with social media that we are distancing ourselves in real life.

People are afraid to spend face to face time with others or even talk on the phone. We've hid behind our screens and our filters, making our lives look so awesome, but the truth is, we are more lonely and isolated than ever. Isn't that crazy, since we are more connected than ever as well?

The ways to fight this new way of life are this:

1. Be Present - put down your phone! When you are with other people, face to face, be there fully. Don't just be there physically and mentally somewhere else.

2. Be Authentic - stop filtering your life. Stop only showing the highlights and the good stuff. Don't be afraid of face to face meetings and phone calls. 

3. Be Encouraging - life stinks sometimes. We all need a lift every once in a while. Say something nice to someone. Let them know how you feel. The only way we know what's in your heart is if you open your mouth and speak.

Appreciate the people in your life. Communicate sincere encouragement to them. 

This will change you. It will help you stop hiding and living a fake life behind your phone screen. 

The one thing you can take to Heaven with you, is other people. Don't waste the time you have by only connecting to them through social media.

There is more to life than that. Live. Love. And be loved!

God bless you today and always.

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