Thursday, August 13, 2015

Who Pulls You Away From God?

There has been something this week that I have seen several times. It hit me last night after church.

My son has a friend that he used to be closer with. When that friend is dating someone, he doesn't hang out, talk to, or go to church with his friends. 

Last night's Bible study at church was about Peter's denial of Jesus and how, even though he did that, God restored him. So, when we sin, God restores us too. Mrs. Laurel said, "You are not out of commission because of anything you have done or haven't done!" (As far as serving God goes.)

We discussed last night that Peter's underlying issues were pride and fear. When he denied that he knew Jesus the first time, he was more than likely caught off guard by the question. By the second time, he had made up his mind that he wasn't going to say he was with Jesus. Then, the third denial was basically a curse that meant, "May God cut me off from Him if I'm lying." That was bold.

Just before they came to get Jesus, He had been praying. He asked Peter and the other disciples to pray too, "so that they wouldn't fall into temptation." By being prayed up, connected to God, and ready, Peter might not have denied that he knew Jesus.

When we allow people to pull us away from God, we are denying Him too.

I have done it.

I have allowed dating relationships to pull me away from God. 

I did not stop attending church, like my son's friend. But I did other things that took my attention off my relationship with God. I'm far from perfect. However, just like Josh's message this past Sunday, I have pre-determined that I will not let anyone pull me away from God ever again.

I am praying for someone to compliment me...someone that will encourage my walk with God, not distract me. 

The one constant in my life has been God. He has done WAY too much for me to just walk away and dismiss it. 

The best way to not let someone pull you away from God, is to stay close to Him. Pray every day. Read your Bible or a devotional book every day. Do a Bible study. Go to church.

No matter what, keep God first in your heart. Yes, that means first...above your spouse or children. God has an order for it all that He would like us to follow. (God, spouse, children, everyone else.)

Now, let me say this... this is no magic formula. In my heart, I feel like I had God first, my husband second, then our children. But my husband left me anyway. So, I am not saying that living like this will keep bad stuff from happening.

What I am saying is that when the bad stuff happens, your relationship with God will be strong and He will see you through. Just like He has me.

If you are dealing with a relationship that has pulled you away from God, please adjust it. God wants to be first, He deserves to be first, and He loves you more than any human being on this planet could. Your value comes from Him, not that person that you think you can't live without. 

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