Friday, July 17, 2015

Dream Dreams & Celebrate Small Victories!

Jerrod Murr was the co-host of Launch Out, as well as a speaker. I am a voice person. I LOVE cool voices. Like Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman. (Clay Shaver in the groups has a good voice too.) Jerrod does a podcast with group member Ryan Eller. They have a company too where they speak at events. 

You can find Jerrod at     
Jerrod Murr

Jerrod's talk was really good. Accept for the fact that he's somewhat putting himself down.(You can hear it at the beginning.) He has a lot of talent.

Jerrod's Talk

He asked us to raise our hand. Then he said to raise them a half inch higher. There are people who will just stay where they are, then there are people who will choose to go a half step more.

Jerrod said to commit to your hustle. Your family, faith, whatever is substance to you. And when people tell you that what you are trying to do is wrong - you can't listen to that.

We need to dream dreams. We let life beat us down and we stop dreaming.

As an exercise, he asked to write down our dream.

Then write down the next step.. a little further...

Then just one more step further from that.

Something he said caused my heart to flutter.... his example was if you were a writer.

So you write a book. - first dream
Maybe you want to be on the New York Times best selling list - a little further dream
Maybe you want to be published in multiple languages - a little bit further still

What he said is my dream. And when he said "multiple languages", something in me jumped. 

That's a HUGE dream. I understand that. I haven't even published my book yet.

But Jerrod said not to limit our dreams. We usually stop at the second level. When we do that, look what we are missing out on.

I wouldn't even share this now, but Jerrod also said to practice the art of dreaming. He said, "Your voice is important to us and you. There is power when we share it one step further."

Celebrate small victories! To me, that's kinda like taking small steps towards goals. It helps you feel like you are actually accomplishing something.

Here is my small victory for today: I have 59 blog posts together for my book!! Yay!!!

Now, I just need you guys, my readers to pick the last post. I want you involved. I want your input.

What is your dream? What are you not doing that you should be? Share it with someone!


  1. My dream is to reach more widows with this message: "You are more than a widow." The label "widow" doesn't define all we are as women and as human beings.

    1. Yes! You are more than a widow! I think it's amazing that you want to reach out and minister to others that way.