Sunday, April 19, 2015

WARNING: Rant Ahead

Several times before I have written when a church sign bothers me. Well, here I go again.

I worked at church for three years that was very "un-churched" and "de-church" minded. By that I mean that we were very aware of people who had never attended church, or who had left church and were returning. I have stayed this way because I think it's important.

As Christians, we are NOT in a country club. There should not be any cliques or groups that leave others out. 

Therefore, any church that displays a sign that could be potentially harmful to a non-believer really gets on my nerves.

I live in the buckle of the Bible belt. There are 5 churches within a mile or so of my house.

In times past, I haven't posted an actual picture of the sign, today I am:

There it is!

So, if I was an un-saved, non-believing person this is how I would read this sign:

"We are saints because we are saved. You suck because you aren't saved. We are better than you."

Can I get a witness here?

Does it make you feel or think something similar?

As Christians, we need to tell people they are loved unconditionally by God.

Not that being a Christian makes us better than them. 

This seriously upsets me.

As a Bible believing, Bible teaching, Bible preaching church, what makes them think this type of stuff will bring people in??

If I wasn't saved I would never step a big toe in that church.

How will they reach unsaved people this way? It's a HUGE turn off.

The Bible talks about our tongues. One Scripture in particular says that our tongue is a fire that can set the whole course of one's life. (James 3: 5-6).

A church sign can do the same. It's basically like the church talking. 

Think before you say something rude, nasty, or country club like to a non-believer. You will not "win them to God" that way. You will turn them away from Him and show them the wrong idea.

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