Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Balance Of Life

Yesterday before church, I went shopping. 
I love Michael's Craft store, you know, because I'm crafty. LOL

Anyway, I honestly only went in a for ribbon for my front door wreathe...but dude, stuff was on sale! I found this 60% rack with some cool note cards. I took a picture of one and sent it to my cousin because it reminded me of him. Then, I ended up buying them for him.

I LOVE this quote!

"Life is like riding a bike, to keep your balance, always look forward and just keep moving."

That is so right!

I believe also, that a balanced life includes God.

Honestly, I do not understand how people go through life without Him. Or how they can see beauty and not believe in Him.

I know Lion King taught us the "circle of life"...but I believe that God wants us to be balanced.

Prayer, Bible reading, devotionals, worship, things things all help us stay balanced. Staying in tune with Him and being THANKFUL for His blessings... that's a balanced life. Keep moving forward even when bad things happen... that momentum will help you. Looking back, at the past will only hurt you in the end. There is NOTHING you can do about the past either. So why dwell on it? It's done and over.

Am I perfect at any of this? Heck no! If someone tells you they have it down, they are lying. 

Doing our best to stay balanced is what matters most.

That cousin of mine is who I wrote about a few months back. He owns a bike shop. When people come in and ask how he is he says, "Livin the dream, owning a bike shop."

When people ask how you are, what do you say?  "I'm fine." "I'm good." "I'm ok."

Let's shake it up some folks!

Tell people how blessed you are! 

My Cousin and my Son with his new bike.
Stay focused on the positive and good stuff in your life! It really helps with balance as well.

Always finding bad things or being negative causes you pain. Why do that to yourself?

I pray you find a great balance to your life. It's an awesome way to live!

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