Thursday, March 12, 2015

Finding God In The Clouds

People that know me well, know what a freak I am about cloud pictures. I have been known to put my phone out the window for a picture, take one while driving, as well as pull off of the road for a picture. It is something I almost feel like I can't control. 

My only explanation is this: clouds make me think of God.

I wonder if heaven really has clouds for the floor like cartoonists have always drawn it.

I do believe it's up... because Jesus floated on a cloud to heaven when He left.

Maybe that's another reason why I think of Him when I see something that just amazes me.

I think God is the best artist! He created everything we see. And some days I am just floored by the beauty of the sky. I enjoy looking up. It means I'm not depressed and or looking down.

I got down yesterday afternoon. Sometimes, I feel down when there aren't any blue skies and clouds. Not storm clouds, but pretty clouds. Yesterday was a gloomy day then we had a thunder storm last night. I have several things in my life that were just overwhelming. I made it though. I always do. I will keep making it. You know why?

Because I trust God and He is bigger than my problems!

In Draw The Circle, Mark Batterson said, "Prayer isn't to remind God of what your problems are. They are to remind your problems of who God is."

These pictures are from my day the other day. I took them all, personally, and they warm my heart. I hope they do your's as well.

I posted this on Instagram and Facebook with the caption, "Sometimes we let our circumstances and situations block the SON! Remember, He is always there. Shining bright behind the junk."

Mountain of clouds
I just thought this looked cool.. so I took it.

This picture just makes me happy. I love everything about it. I love sun beams/ rays, because it feels like God's love is reaching down and touching the earth.

Just after the above picture
The thing about cloud pictures, is sometimes things move so fast, they change quickly. That's what you have to get the shot right then. This reminds me of life. If we stay in the moment, and don't look back or try to look too far forward... we won't miss the blessings of that particular moment. 

Sunset, NO filter used
I had to pull off the road for this one. It really was a beautiful day for me. And, the cool thing about it is, I kept thinking about God. I find Him in things like this. 

I pray that you are encouraged today.

Look up at the clouds when you can. Think of the Heavenly Father up there who loves you so much. 

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