Monday, March 9, 2015

Do You Use People?

I know that's a heavy, somewhat personal question... but it's what came to my mind this morning when I read my devotional.

I know I have been guilty of using people before. I'm not going to lie about it. It was wrong and I realize that. I try really hard not to use or hurt people. 

What I think we do is turn to people when we need to turn to God. 

Like I said, guilty as charged. I have had seasons of my life where I did just that.

Here is the part of my devotional that really got me:

"The world is a needy place; do not go there for sustenance. Instead, come to Me. Learn to depend on Me alone, and your weakness will become saturated with My Power. When you find your completeness in Me, you can help other people without using them to meet your own needs. Live in the Light of My Presence, and your light will shine brightly into the lives of others." ~ Jesus Calling

I admit. I have gone to the world for sustenance before. It is so easy to do. 

God wants us to come to Him for every thing. Every little need. He is there to help us through it.

I have struggled with co-dependency in my life. I wanted to be wanted. I wanted to help and fix others. All for the wrong reasons. I do not do that anymore.

I am a loving, caring, compassionate person. God designed me that way. I have a HUGE heart. I love and care from the very bottom of it too. What I have learned though, is that it's not about me at all. It's a gift from God. So I need to use it and point people back to Him.

That's what we all should strive to do.

We should let God fill the voids and show other people how to do that as well.

Live in God's Light so your light shines bright to others and points them to Him.

Stop using people.

That's not how God intended us to live.

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