Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Wind Beneath My Wings

I am sure that some of you are old enough to remember this Bette Midler song from the 80's. (Wind Beneath My Wings) Basically, one person was noticed, and her support person wasn't... the song is just saying that without them, she would be nothing.

Yesterday afternoon, it was really windy here. Some Wednesdays I take food to a lady who attends my work church. When I left her house, I noticed several birds just floating on the wind. Have you ever seen them do that?

Bird on the wind
Ultimately, God needs to be the wind beneath us. He's love, grace, mercy, and ever present help is there available to us, no matter how hard the wind blows and tries to knock us down.

God places people in our lives to help be that wind as well. 

I have a fellow writer friend who posted a video on Facebook the other day. I wrote down something he said. I want you to hear it... because, I think it's a true statement. 

My friend is Adam Davis. He writes a blog at Adam Davis' Blog That particular post is about preparing to soar.. which fits perfect into this post of soaring  on the wind and letting go and doing what you are supposed to. In Adam's video he said, this...

"Don't discount what you've been through just because of the opinions of others. Don't discount what God has brought you through because you don't feel like there is any value to it. You made it through it. Keep going!"

Adam has some amazing ideas. He has written a devotional book for law enforcement. Police officers have a very hard job. They need encouragement. I think this is a much needed book. You can pre-order it here, if you are interested

Sometimes, all a person needs is a little encouragement... a little wind beneath their wings. Why don't you be that for someone today?
You'll be glad you did.

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