Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I'm Back In Action!

There is one Zumba song we dance to that says, "I feel like a brand new person, I've got new motivation. I'm back in action, I'm back in action."

That's how I feel. I was introduced to Zumba in 2012. Susie was a church member at my church and she held a free class. I attend the entire six months she was there. Then she moved to Texas.

The end of that  year was when things went bad in my marriage. I didn't even know of any other Zumba places. I found ICM, which stands for I Choose Me. Detrell and her husband Spencer are awesome people. They helped me stay motivated and really encouraged me as I continued through my divorce.

I met Reggie and Barbara there. Reggie was one of the instructors. He felt led by the Lord to branch off and start his own business. I've gotten closer to them getting ready for their wedding this past October. So, I have been attending their classes for a month now.

With the different issues going on in my life right now, Zumba is a huge stress release. We laugh, smile, and punch. And honestly, sometimes, when I punch, I pretend it's different people. It helps. LOL I would never really hit someone, so it's just motivation to punch harder. 

I have a health condition called Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Of course, mine is not your typical case. I do not have some of the main symptoms. The one that I do have, is weight in the middle. 

I joined an accountability group for drinking water over this past month too. I do my best to drink 2 liters a day. Lauren, the lady who started the group, is really cool. 

So, after a month of more water, and a month of Zumba at least 3 days a week... here are my results.

Left is Oct. 2014, Right is Dec. 1st, 2014

My hope is to inspire someone. I did not do some fade diet. No skinny pills. No shakes or patches. Not that those things aren't great, because I'm sure some of them are. But good old fashion water and exercise. PCOS makes it hard to get the weight off. So I had that going against me to.

I want to be the best Jill possible. This means all of me. Mind, body, and spirit. 

Why don't you decide now to do something? Don't wait until January to make New Year's Resolutions that you might not keep. Make up your mind now to do something different for yourself. Zumba is for me. It's for my sanity and peace of mind. It's for my health. I haven't even been taking my blood sugar medicine because I can't go to a doctor and get a prescription. Maybe the weight loss is helping with that anyway.

I encourage you today. Get up. Get help if you need it! It really helps me to have people who care and motivate me. Do something different. You will be glad you did!

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