Monday, December 8, 2014

Are you broken on the inside?

I was praying this morning for God to speak to me and inspire a blog post.
I picked up my coffee cup for my usual morning cup, and saw this:

That little dark dot on the side is a chip.
My cup had a little nick/ chip, out of it on the inside. The outside looked great. No problems. But the inside was a little messed up.

I thought, "Aren't we all like this to some degree?"

We look awesome on the outside. We smile, we wave, we write amazing things on our Facebook pages.... but on the inside, we are a little broken.

Maybe you've gone through a divorce, like me, that was unexpected.
Maybe you lost your job.
Maybe you someone you love dearly passed away.
Maybe the people in your life aren't listening to you.

I could come up with a million things..but I think you get my point.

We've all had something happen in our lives that has kept us from being "perfect".
Well guess what?! That's totally OK!

Only Jesus was perfect. He is the only human who never sinned. God knew that we were going to mess up. That's why He planned for Jesus to take our sins on Him anyway.

As a Christian, I think it's best to live real and authentic. I believe if you go around wearing masks and living a fake life you are lying to people. That's never going to reach others for Christ. Being open and honest about your struggles not only helps other people realize how normal they are, but it also gives others an opportunity to help you.

Remember that Jesus said they will know we are His disciples by our love for one another.

So, love on others. Christians and non Christians.

It's ok to have a chip on the inside. Just don't let it stop you from living!


  1. I put all my chips on the outside, my blog is extremely messy.

    1. That's ok, Mike! You are loved and your story is going to help people!

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