Monday, November 24, 2014

What is service to you?

One of my bosses gave me a tool to help me with work. He printed up some papers for me to keep up with the publications I print and email. There are so many ministries at my work each one has events they need advertised and sometimes, I would miss something. These papers are helping me with that. He said, "You can have the clip board too."

I have been using and carrying that clip board for a month or so now, and just saw what it says.

Service to me, starts with God.

I want to live for Him and do what He has called me to do. I get discouraged. My life is not perfect by any means. But I live for Him and He gets me through the junk.

I serve God in different ways. One of which is writing this blog. This is a ministry to me. He speaks to me and wants me to share it so others will see what He is really like.

I feel like my job is a ministry too. I LOVE my job! I use my skills, gifts and talents at my job. I believe in my heart that God had this job planned just for me at just the right time.

Service is also about others.

The reality is, life does not revolve around us. We should be putting others ahead of ourselves. Don't get me wrong, you must take care of yourself. However, being selfish and doing things for your gain only is not cool.

Who can you serve this week?

What can you do for someone else without expecting anything in return? 

What is service to you?

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