Saturday, November 1, 2014

Love..... What's the big deal?

My "unofficial adopted" daughter had a tradegy happen this week. Something that has forever changed her life. She called, and I went to be by her side. It's what I do. 

I love people. I love her like I gave birth to her because that's how God made me. When her fiance' realized how much I love her he was surprised. I think he wondered how someone who did not raise her could love her like my own. I think it was just new to him. (Now he tells me he loves me too.) 

For some people, love is not easy. They are afraid and put up walls. They have been hurt before, so they go into protection mode and try to keep people at arms length.

I guess I'm just stupid enough to love and keep loving. I just can't help it.

Love is the way that Jesus said people would know that we are His disciples. (John 13:35)

Paul wrote in Corinthians the whole "Love Chapter" and spoke on love too.
 (1 Corinthians 13 if you want to check it out.)

God loves us with a steadfast unconditional love. Nothing we can do will make Him love us any less, and nothing we can do will make Him love us any more. It is what it is.

He wants us to show His love to others. 

How can we do that?

I'm glad you asked.

Honestly, sometimes all you have to do is be there.

You don't even have to say a word. 

Other times, you can help when needed. 

Take food, buy food, give water, give money, give a hug! 

Hugs are GREAT! They are free and really reduce a lot of stress. Every Sunday, after my Pastor says a blessing over us, he said, "Hug at least 17 people and tell them you love them in Jesus name." We are a hugging church. You never know but that might be the only hug someone gets all week. 

There is so much more to love than what happens between a man and a woman. 

god's love is APAGE love. Unconditional. Full of mercy and grace.

I hope you know how much God loves you. 

Wrap your brain around it. It's true and it can change your life.

If you will, please pray for my adopted daughter and her family. 
I would appreciate it.

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