Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Here's Your Grace Card

This past Saturday, I volunteered with the church I work at. I know this can be confusing... so I will say it again. I attend one church and work at another. I do not work and worship at the same place. I totally love both churches though and my job! 

Where I work partnered with some other churches. These other churches have mostly black members. Where I work has mostly white members. We are in the south, and that's one thing that I think is not cool. The church is just that, the church. Race, skin color, and all does not matter. God looks at our hearts anyway... ya know?

So, at this event, they played games with the kids, had door prizes and grilled hot dogs. Before we passed out lunch, one of the Pastors took this card that my work had printed up. He read it. The GRACE is spelled out with Scripture references on the back.

G All of us are Guilty before God. Romans 3:23

R The Result of our sin is death. Romans 6:23

A God's Awesome response to our sin is His Son Jesus. Romans 5:8

C We must make a Choice in light of God's love. Romans 10: 9-10

E The Evidence of our acceptance of God's gift involves a lifestyle committed to His         purposes Romans 12: 1-2

He told them how Jesus died for their sins and rose on the third day. All they needed to do was give their life to him and did anyone want to come up to do that.

One lady did. 

Then, she was surrounded in prayer and welcomed to the family of God.

Let's give grace to everyone we see. God loves people and wants us to love them too.

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