Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Changing Yourself

Tim Keller is the founding Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church 
in Manhattan. His message was about changing ourselves

He said sin is crouching at your door. Our sins and flaws present themselves as smaller than they are. We can't see the sins that will destroy us. Our sin nature wants to take over. When we do sin, it creates a shadow in our life that weakens who we should be. We worry instead of trust, we payback instead of forgive, we have lustful thoughts, we tell half truths... you get the idea.

Mr. Keller said, "Be killing your sin or sin will kill you."

We can't overcome sin by doubling down and trying to obey moral law.

Sin is rebelling against God by putting yourself in place of God. Living for your own pleasure. We need to do things for God, not ourselves.

Here are two things to know:
1. If you can't admit your flaws - then you are living out of the wrong motives.

2. When you do fail- you are vulnerable to anxiety, guilt and shame

The structure of your heart has to change!
1. Religious - those are moral rules that are prone to guilt
2. Traditional- fulfilling your role in the family. Stop living in guilt and shame thinking that you aren't good enough.
3. Selectiveness: stop being crushed with anxiety, find your identity in Christ

You are not saved by your performance!!!

Isn't God good? I used to live my life searching for God's approval. I thought I had to do certain things, and live a certain way to gain that approval.
All I need to do is let Him love me. That's all you need to do too.

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