Sunday, September 7, 2014

Filtering Myself

Just in case you have lived under and rock and do not know what Instagram is, I will enlighten you! LOL

Instagram is a photo app for your phone. You can take pictures, and then put a cool filter on it to make it "hip and trendy". 

I post almost all of my pictures on both Instagram and Facebook. It will post the same picture with the same caption for me.

Yesterday, I took a selfie. (Another new modern term.) But I filtered it.

This morning, I woke up and thought about it....

EVERY sky picture I take and post, I put #nofilter . Because I never put one on those. I feel like God's creation is beautiful enough without any filters on it at all.

Then yesterday, I filtered myself.

I am one of God's creations. Am I not? What makes me think I need filtering? 

My crazy brain. I am telling you. I am really fighting this and trying to dig deep and let the Holy Spirit fill my heart.... I want intimacy with Him. I want to be close to God and stop worrying about what anyone else thinks or if I feel lonely or not. I'm never alone. So, it's my problem if I feel lonely. Right?

Anyway.... here is my original picture, and my filtered picture of myself. Then some I've taken this week, with no filter at all. Enjoy!

No Filter

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