Tuesday, August 5, 2014

What Does It Mean to Surrender?

I was thinking about something yesterday... I wonder what my life would have turned out like if I had not surrendered to God back in 1996 when 
I lost my twins. 

You see, I knew without a doubt that God had moved in my life and heart. I knew that I woke up with the peace that passes all understanding spoken about in the Bible. So, there was no second guessing who had touched me. 

But if I just turned Him down?

I bet my life would be totally different. It would have been my own path, not God's for my life. 

I think there are two types of surrender. First, you can surrender to an enemy, someone who means you harm. This is a self defense thing. It is a way to try to protect yourself from further pain.

Second, you can surrender to someone who has your best interest at heart, someone who loves you dearly and wants to help you get through life. This is the type of surrender we need to do with God. 

We know that He has a plan for our lives. (Jeremiah 29:11) 
We know that He loves us all. (John 3:16)
We know that His plans are fixed. (Romans 8:29)
We know that He turns all things around for our good. (Romans 8:28)

Why wouldn't you want to surrender?
Why keep fighting someone who loves you unconditionally?

God is not an old man waiting to strike you down with lightening when you mess up. He is also not a score keeper, with a book open marking down every mistake you make. 

When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, His blood covers our sin. When God looks at our hearts, He sees Jesus. So we're good.

I think we break God's heart when we continue to take back our problems, take back our life, and just do our own thing. That's not what He wants for us. He knows if something or someone is going to hurt us. We do not know that. Therefore, living by His guidance is helpful for us.

It has been my personal experience that living for God has been the better choice. Sure, some people have left my life because of my relationship with God. But you know what? I am ok with that. 

I hope you will really think about this. Isn't it time to let go and let God?

What is keeping you from surrendering to Him?

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