Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Counterfeit Gods, Other Thieves

Jefferson Bethke - Counterfeit Gods

My son posted this video today and I just had to share. I was planning on talking about one of these counterfeit "gods", anyway. It is another thief that steals from our lives.

Over the years, pornography has had a huge affect on millions of people. Weekly, we hear of people arrested for having child pornography on their computers, or for terrible acts committed against children because of someone's pornography use.(Pornography is not always the reason, but in a lot of cases, when someone rapes another human, they have progressed in their use and it takes more and more for them.)

Pornography is a thief! It steals from the people who use it. It hurts everyone in that person's life. Sex is NOT a bad thing, in the right context. Jefferson even mentions it in this spoken word. God created sex but not to be used like people have used it. Our enemy has come in and distorted it all.

There is a ministry very dear to my heart. One of my closest friends has worked with them for around 10 years now. They are on the front lines of ministry! They are in the world trying to help people rid themselves of this thief that comes in and steals from them. The ministry is called 

Not only do they provide help for people who use pornography and want to stop, but they also help pull people out of the industry and get them started in a new life. Founder, Craig Gross, has written several books and travels the world telling people of the dangers they face when they allow this into their lives. 

As Christians, we are called to be salt and light in the world. xxxchurch goes to porn conventions and passes out Bibles to the attendees. They say, "Jesus Loves Porn Stars" on them. Jesus loves everyone. Even porn stars.

I hope you take 5 minutes and listen to Jefferson's video. He is so right on with this spoken word and how we allow other things to be "gods' in our lives.

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