Monday, August 11, 2014

Tithe if you love Jesus!

Oh my goodness! Yet again, another church sign has made me angry. Down the road from my house, it says, "Tithe if you love Jesus, anyone can honk." I guess they wrote that thinking it was cute and that some people put "Honk if you love Jesus" on their car windows when they are traveling. 

This is so misleading! Any non Christian could immediately think a few things:

1. So, the only way to love Jesus is if I tithe.
2. There the church goes again talking about money. That's all churches want, my money.
3. What the heck does my tithing have to do with love?
4. What the heck is tithing?

As a Christian, reading that did not make me think, "I better tithe so I can prove I love Jesus."

You can not, nor should you ever guilt someone into doing something!

We are all on our own journey with God. Things do not always fall into place the same way for people.

Yes, as Christians, we learn things and do things according to what the Bible teaches. 

However, it has GOT to be in God's timing or it WILL NOT work!

Modern day churches who are preaching hell, fire, brimstone, and if you do this, God does that messages have it all wrong.

God loves the world. So much that He gave His Son for it. God is love. That's the message we need to be spreading.

He loved us first. 

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