Monday, July 7, 2014

STOP believing in Jesus!

Yesterday, our Youth Pastor Josh taught at my church. He started off by telling us to stop believing in Jesus. Of course, there was an awkward silence in the room. We were kind of confused. "Why would we stop believing in Jesus? Aren't we at church? What's going on here?", were just a few questions floating around in my mind.

Josh's point was simply this: Jesus did not tell us to believe in Him. 

He mentions it a few times in Scripture, like John 7:38 that says, "Whoever believes in me like the Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them."

However, what Jesus main point was what He said to His disciples in Matthew 16: 24 & 25. He told them to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow Him. That's what we should be doing. FOLLOWING Him. Letting Him lead by example. Doing the things He did.

We don't want to deny ourselves though. We are a selfish society who says "Do for you. Get what you want. Only think about yourself."

Jesus said to serve others. Bring happiness to others. We experience true joy when we bring happiness to someone else. 

The United States might be one of the richest countries money wise, but we are most Spiritually poor. We have people walking around full of themselves and living only for themselves. 

As Christians, if we follow Jesus, serve others, and let others happiness come before ours, this world would be a much better place.
I'm ready for that, are you?

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