Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Are you anchored?

On Monday's at my job, I view the service from the day before. In case you forgot, I am the administrative assistant to the Worship Pastor and Media Pastor at a church. I take their previous Sunday message and burn it to a DVD on Monday. I have started watching the services. I enjoy them.

This church has live streamed it's services for the past 52 years! Since they've been on air, they use people to sign the service on TV so that the deaf are able to watch.

During this week's message, something in particular jumped out at me.

The sign language for "saved" looks like an anchor. The lady's hands were up together, then went out like the anchor. 

Here is one of my son's favorite bands' anchor logo. They like to talk about hope and how hope spells out "Hold On, Pain Ends". (The band is The Color Morale, in you are interested.)

What I think about is that if my hope is anchored in God's love. I'm good. If I tie my anchor up to Him, He will keep me safe and grounded. 

One of my friends has a son in the Navy. She got a tattoo of an anchor. It reminds her of her son and his commitment.

What does an anchor mean to you? If anything? 

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