Saturday, July 5, 2014

Moment Maker Part 4

The last moment that Carlos talked about is the rescued moment. This is when something bad has happened and we try to fix it. The most important thing he said is this "Sometimes the rescue happens in silence. Sometimes just being there is enough." 

This is SO hard for me! I am a talker! I like to talk about my problems to figure them out. I like to talk to people, period. I like to talk to people to fix my mistakes. I am a talker. 

I have a hard time with silence. But I am learning. Silence is not a bad thing. 

My Pastor has talked about silence and being there before. I think I've mentioned it. For example, if someone has a loved one pass away. We do not always have to say something. A lot of the times, when we do say something, we put our foot in our mouth anyway. It is better to just stay silent and just be there to comfort them. When I lost my twins I had a few people say stuff that actually made me angry. I remember my dad staying with me almost all day on a Saturday and my sister in law coming over, making me a sandwich and just being there. 

Rescue a moment for someone when you can. Maybe it's something small, like they dropped their keys. Pick them up and smile. Maybe a hug would make someone's day. Once again, it's about paying attention and watching for these moments. We need to be aware. Show Jesus every chance you get.

One thing that can keep us from awesome moments is not letting go of things. If we know in our hearts that God has called us to let go, we need to. That's when He will use you. Turn it over to Him. Allow Him to take control of your life. He rescued us from death & He is the ultimate moment maker!

What moment can you rescue today?

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