Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Are you living each day or just counting down?

This is a router thing at my work in the TV room. I have to use it by pushing two buttons and then "take" so it will do what I need it to. It is counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds of the year. I took this on Monday when I was making the DVD and video for the website.

I started thinking.. it's almost August. Where as this year gone? 

Are you living life just counting the days, or do you actually take the time to enjoy each day?

We should be enjoying each day and it's experiences. Life goes by so fast now. Slow down some and enjoy it with me. Create and watch for moments that you can have each day.

I am also reminded that life is short. Every day I think of my friend who's 7 year old son died. She hurts so badly. His little clothes are still in the dirty clothes basket. His toys are still on the floor. She made the most of every day with him. She has been posting videos of him on Facebook. Have you videoed your children doing something lately? Go ahead!!!
 It is a memory you can cherish.  

Take the time today to love on someone. Hug your children if you have them. Just hug anyone! They might need a hug.

God has given you the people in  your life for a reason. Make the most out of it!

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