Sunday, July 13, 2014

Are some people born with a "positive" gene?

I have noticed recently that I tend to always lean on the positive side of life. I try to find the good in everything. I have NO IDEA why I'm like that. Do you think maybe there is some positive gene that some people are born with?

I'm not kidding when I ask that.

Because here is the thing... I've had a lot of bad stuff happen to me. My life is far from perfect. I just try to not look at the bad. If I do have to deal with something negative, I try really hard to find the good out of it.

I have admitted to having negative thoughts about myself. I still do that sometimes for some reason... but when I notice I'm doing it, I fight it off with good thoughts.

Maybe, since everyone is different, our life circumstances cause us to dwell on the negative or look for the positive? For example, if people just have one bad thing after another happen to them, they just stop trying to find any good. They become conditioned to the negative so it is the first thing they think of.

OR maybe it is because I always want my friends and loved ones to be happy, so when they ask my advice, I look for the good in the situation. I want to help them and hope that they will have good things come to them.

I have talked about losing my twins before, so I will use this as an example. As horrible as it was to go into labor and feel the pain, then not have any babies to hold, here are the positives:
1. I was put to sleep. That helped with the pain and I didn't "see" anything.

2. I delivered them after being put to sleep. This kept the doctor from having to take them and possibly poking a hole in my uterus.

3. The doctor said they were normal and did not have any deformations, so there was nothing wrong with them.

Life has hard times. Bad things happen to good people EVERY DAY! How do you make it through junk like this? I chose to look for the positive. If you don't do that, maybe you can try it a few times and see if it helps you at all.

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