Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What's chasing you?

This is not my picture. It's not even the birds I really wanted to show you...but it will illustrate my point.

Lately, for a few weeks now, I have seen small birds chasing and fighting with black crows. It's crazy! The small birds are at least half the size of these crows. They fly after them making noises and pecking at them.

In all reality, they could be trying to protect their nests or something. I guess the crows might try to eat their eggs. Honestly, I have no idea. If you have been reading my blog for long, you will know that seeing this happen so much got my mind working.

Let's say I am the crow. And those little birds are the negative thoughts I allow to fight, peck, and beat me down. I'm just standing there minding my own business, when a thought pops in my head. "You are fat." "You are not smart." "You never got a college education, you won't get anywhere in the world." "You are a divorced washed up woman with three kids." (Yes, I've thought these terrible things about myself.)

These thoughts can come out of no where or be brought on by something. They are damaging and horrible things to think about myself. I would never say them to someone else. I know those words would hurt. So, why do I let these little "birds" peck at me?

I need to take those thoughts captive right away and say, "No, I'm God's daughter and He says I am a masterpiece made for great things." 

Fighting the negative with positive is the best way to do it! FIGHT BACK!

If you struggle with this like I do... do not allow yourself to get into a rut and get depressed. Email me, comment, or write me on Facebook. I will help you dig out. We all need a friend to dig us out of our pit every once in a while. I have friends who have helped me dig out before.  I hope this helps someone in the world. 


  1. Well's like you are talking to me ! I am floored! I have been going through sorry but Hell. Deaths an divorce. It's tough and I feel that way. In fact I just saw your car. Driving well riding down the highway on way to Atlanta . Look over and think we'll I like snoopy and coffee.
    Now with tears in my eyes i don't feel alone.
    Thank you. .. Tiffanie from tallahassee

    1. Tiffanie, thank you for letting me know that this helped you! I am so glad to hear that. My mom actually made me that sticker last week, and I'm so glad she did. If you ever want to talk, I'm here.