Thursday, June 5, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

I decided to post another blog today! And it's "Throwback Thursday"!! I found my high school year book one day last week! LOL... look out!

I WILL be tagging my friends on Facebook in this one. I hope it brings back good memories for some.

This is me playing softball for my high school team!

My friend Miranda is the top middle pictures. I'm just below her in the middle.

Most popular, Tanyala and Alton. They were pretty popular. Best personality, Yolanda and Eddie. They were fun folks to hang out with.

Sorry this one is turned wrong. It's my friend Kevin and Melanie, both voted most likely to succeed. Kevin is spending his 40th birthday in Paris right now. I would say he succeeded! LOL

This one is turned wrong too. Sorry. Victor sleeping in class! Yes, we put this in the year book. He wrote something really nice to me. He was a good friend to me.

Lee Lamb. We weren't really close friends, but we were friends. I'm glad to catch up with him on Facebook. He wrote on here to wish me luck.

Jay, when I saw this, I knew I had to post it! I have seen your boys playing baseball on your pictures and thought, "That's where they got it from, their dad." I didn't even remember that you played baseball in school.

I enjoyed my high school years. It was fun reading what people wrote to me. They reminded me of how I go after whatever I set my mind to. I was really involved in high school. I didn't just sit back and get through it. I had good friends and made the most of it. I was Mr. Burgess' first ever DECA state officer! That was fun. He wrote something nice too about how I helped lift his spirits some days. 

I realize that my children are missing out on the whole "high school experience" since I home school them... but then again, with the world the way it is, I am somewhat glad. They have many opportunities with our home school group if they chose to participate. Even a prom. So, they aren't missing too much. 

I hope you have good memories from your high school days.

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