Monday, June 9, 2014

Enjoying Life

My Pastor's message yesterday was about enjoying life. We tend to put so much pressure on ourselves to perform that we get off balance. Jesus had balance. Even though He was Jesus, He was still a man. He was tempted like we are, He worked with His hands, etc. Here is how He maintained balance:

1. Know who you are: Jesus knew He was God's Son, He said who He was 18 times in Scripture. When God calls us out of the darkness, we become His children. That's who you are! A child of God, loved unconditionally! Some people, even after getting saved, tend to live in a victim mentality. You are not a victim! You are victorious!

2. Dedication: Know who you want to please.You CANNOT please everyone. God can't even please everyone. (Remember how the Israelites wanted to go back to Egypt because the manna from heaven was bland?) We should be trying to please God with our life, and no one else. Get a pen and write this down: Jesus never let the fear of rejection manipulate His dedication to what His Father called Him to do. Got that? Don't allow it to stop you either!

3.Delegation: Know you cannot do it alone: You are not Super Man or Wonder Woman. Jesus changed the world with 11 men! If you chalk it up to perfectionism, guess what? That's just a mask for insecurity. Let others do tasks. Give yourself a break.

4. Meditation: Know who you need: We all need the LORD. Jesus prayed to God and took time alone to spend in prayer, so should we. In order to have a relationship with someone, you must talk to them, and let them talk back to you. Start off small if you don't already have this has a habit in your life. Read your Bible and pray for 10 minutes a day. You've got to start somewhere.

These ways of living will help you enjoy life. Even when bad things happen to you, and they will, you can have hope and know that God will pull you through! 

One thing on my bucket list is riding in a hot air balloon. I would really enjoy that. So, I'm posting a picture of some for you guys. One day, when my dream comes true, I will be sure to post about it!

Go enjoy your Monday! It's a new week and you get to start over!
God bless you!

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