Friday, May 23, 2014

Heaven is a gated community?!

There are two churches near my house. Sometimes their signs annoy me. Today one has  "Heaven is a gated community" on their sign.

Now, if you are not a Christian, you could take that the wrong way.

My first thought was, "So, I guess I'm not good enough for heaven." 

Gated communities are usually built to keep the bad people out. Right? 

Revelation mentions gates. We've heard about "pearly gates" in heaven and all... but should we make people feel excluded?

I think not.

As Christians, we need to spread love and nothing else. We shouldn't make people feel bad about anything. They do not need us to point out what they are doing wrong. 

I wish people would put themselves in the shoes of a non Christian or a non church going person and think about how their church sign might make someone feel. I'm just sensitive to that I guess. 

Here are a few I actually like!

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