Saturday, April 5, 2014

Don't Live In the Past & Never Stop Dreaming

Someone close to me told me this quote yesterday,
"If your memories exceed your dreams, 
then you are probably already dead."

I tried to find the person behind the quote, but didn't have any luck.

My friend followed this quote with, 
"Means stop living in the past and start preparing for the future."

To which I added, 
"And never stop dreaming!"

I LOVE making new memories. It is so fun to me to try something new, do something different, and go somewhere I've never been before.

If you are living in your past, you can not do that.
 You get stuck there, just re-living the old stuff. That's no fun!

We all make mistakes. We have all been hurt by someone we loved and trusted, but living in the past can hold us hostage. It's not worth it. Learn from your mistakes and move on!  

I am a firm believer that God gives us talents, skills, abilities, and dreams that are unique to us. He gave us our DNA for a reason. He already had a plan for us when we were conceived. Do not let those dreams die with you when you go.

I still have a dream of becoming a published author. Once that dream becomes a reality, I will move on to another dream.

What is your dream?

Whatever it is, DO NOT GIVE UP!

People tend to give up just when they are about to have a break through.

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