Thursday, April 4, 2013

Writing a Book

Well, I've felt led to write a book for YEARS! I mean it's been forever...and I've never done it. I'm just not sure what to write about.

I'm in a different place in life right now. One that possibly could help someone else. I love helping people.

But, I'm just not sure what direction God wants me to go in. And then, I have no idea how to get published. Self publishing is an option, but with no money, that's not going to happen.

I like to write. Always have. I even started college right after high school to be a journalist. Writing comes naturally for me. I don't have to make an outline or think too much. It just flows.

I like to read too. And I like libraries. I used to work in the library in middle school..back when there was an actual card catalog. (No computers! Yes, I'm old.)

Anyway, some time in the year 2000, I had a man message me on Yahoo out of the blue. He is a Godly man, and we became friends. It's nothing weird. He's married, I was married. He has the gift of prophecy. That year, he said, "I see words coming off pages that you've written ministering to people." I've done nothing since then.

About a month ago, this same friend said, "THIS IS YOUR YEAR TO PUBLISH". I was like, "For real?" I kinda thought my blog was what God wanted me to do. After all, when I get ready to post, it says, "Publish". 

So, I'm praying about what to write. Because it can't be "ME" doing it. It's got to be God's and then it will all work out.

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