Friday, April 12, 2013

Steal My Show

This is my last post with a Toby Mac video/ reference! We went to the Winter Jam concert a few months ago in Greenville, SC.

Toby Mac was the headliner. We really enjoy his music. He just knows how to mix hip hop with rock and pop in a way no one else has.

He told the story of this song before he sang it. When he is home, they play music as the whole family helps clean the kitchen after supper. He usually puts in a new song so he can see what they think of it. One night, as he was putting his then 7 year old son to bed, his son asked about his "Steal my show" song. He wanted to know what it meant.

Toby said, "Do you know how it is if there are a bunch of bands doing a concert together, but one of them was the best and everyone like them the best?" His son said, "Yea." Then Toby said, "That means that band stole the show."

His son said, "But Daddy, why would you want someone to steal your show then?" Toby said, "This song is about God. I want God to steal my show every time so it's only about Him."

This moved me to tears! The fact that he was talking to his son about God, and just how he wants God to be everything in his life and shows amazed me.

So, we should all want God to "steal our show". We need to give Him every day of our lives and let Him take over and run with it! I'm ready, are you?

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