Wednesday, June 28, 2017

An Open Letter To My Black Friends & Family Members

“For this is how God loved the world: He gave HIs one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16 NLT

I just recently watched the movie Hidden Figures. I was interested in it when it was in the theater, but I just rarely seem to get there. Hidden Figures is a true story.
As I sat there, my heart to broke. It was only 56 years ago, when I guess white people thought black people at the plague or something.
For the life of me, I do not understand why they wanted everything to be separate. One part of the movie I loved was in Kevin Costner's character questioned Katherine about leaving the room for so long. She finally told him that she was running like a mile or something to a "colored bathroom." Her co-workers had also given her a coffee pot of her own and labeled it "Colored". After she told him where she was having to go use the restroom, he took the word "colored" off and then he took a crow bar to the sign by the bathroom. Once the sign was down he said, "We all pee the same color in NASA."
Isn't that true? Don't we all bleed red as well?
I am here, with my heart on my sleeve, wanting to apologize for the past. Apologize for my ancestors who mistreated your's.
I also want to say, now is the time of unity. We need to come together as one... THE HUMAN RACE, and stop fighting with each other.
Just in case you think I'm just another white privileged girl who doesn't know what she's talking about, let me tell you, I have family members who are mixed, who I love dearly. My Spiritual parents are black. I love them so deeply. Both of my son's have black and mixed best friends. I went to a high school where in some classes, I was the only white kid. I don't see skin color. I see HUMANS. 
I believe that Satan has caused this great divide and enjoyed every minute of it. Even now, in 2017, we still have black and white churches. I wish we didn't, but we do. Now, at my church, we are pretty multi-cultural, but it's not 50-50 by any means. 
Fear is very powerful. I believe it is working both sides. For example, the police issue that we are currently struggling with....
Black people are afraid of the police because in some cases, because it seems as if they are getting shot for no reason. While on the same note, police officers are afraid because they are also being shot for no reason.
Truth be told.. God sent Jesus for the WHOLE world. Every race, color, and nation. The only nation that was/ is very special to Him are His chosen people. (And ironically enough, they don't even think the Messiah has come yet.)
Anyway, I basically just wanted to say how sorry I am for what the black race has been through. I want you to know that you are loved, by God and me. I want you to know that back then, they weren't thinking straight. 
God doesn't show favoritism among races. He loves everyone. Therefore, so do I. I pray that peace will reign and our culture will shift. I pray that people will see people for who they are, not for the color of their skin.
God bless you today and always!

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