Thursday, January 12, 2017

Story Telling

12 Remember the wonders He has performed,
    His miracles, and the rulings He has given,
13 you children of His servant Israel,
    you descendants of Jacob, His chosen ones.
14 He is the Lord our God.
    His justice is seen throughout the land. 1 Chronicles 16:12-14 NLT
This was a part of my Scripture writing today. As I was writing, something came to my mind.
These verses are from the Old Testament. WAY before Jesus came to earth. There is no telling how many thousands of years old they are.
Here I sit, over TWO THOUSAND years later, in a relationship with the Creator of the Universe, why?
Because His people told His story. They kept it going!
In the Old Testament, there are many Scriptures where they told the next generation about God and all He'd done for them.
There were times when God told them to make something, for example, after He parted the Red Sea for them, He told them to make 12 pillars, so when their children saw them, it would be a reminder to tell the story of how God rescued them from the Egyptians. 
Without their stories, we wouldn't be Christians today.
People need us to tell them what God has done in our lives. Last night at Bible study, Mr. Ernest said, "We are an instrument for God to use." Isn't that true?
Look at what's happened in my town! God has used people to help others. People from far away cities and states have come to help us. There are many stories of people who have given their lives to Jesus because of this storm! AMEN!
Now, they have a story to tell... and that story will reach someone else for Christ too.
SO... what's YOUR story? What has God done in your life? Have you been telling people?
You see, the thing is, it's not bragging, or wrong. You won't be telling anyone about how great you are. You will be telling them how great GOD is!
When they see what God has done in your life, it will infuse their faith, and they will want to either give their lives to Him or share their story with others.
I challenge you today... tell someone something God has done in your life recently. All you are doing is honoring and glorifying Him!
God bless you today and always!

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