Monday, October 13, 2014

Are you holding on to unforgiveness??

My Pastor started a new message series last week called "Between Sundays". It's about our work week and living for God during the week. Yesterday's Bible story was one I've heard before, but I totally had a moment I want to share with you. 

Here is the condensed Jill version:
Joseph is the son of Jacob. Jacob is Isaac's son, Isaac is Abraham's son. Jacob wrestled with God, and was changed, so God changed his name to Israel. Joseph was Israel's youngest son.

At 17, he had a dream about his brothers bowing down to him. He was cocky and already the favorite, so when he told his brothers, they hated him that much more. The brothers wanted to kill him, but Ruben, the oldest was against it. They sold him into slavery. God was with him, and he was bought by Potiphar, a general in the Egyptian army. Potiphar's house was blessed. His wife, however, wanted to sleep with Joseph. Joseph, of course said no, so she yelled rape. Potiphar must have believed that Joseph didn't do that, because he could have killed him, instead he put him in jail. While in jail, two of the Pharaoh's workers were brought in. They had dreams, Joseph told them the meaning of those dreams. One was going to be killed, the other went back to work. He was the cup bearer. (Which meant, he had to drink the Pharaoh's drink first to make sure it wasn't poisoned.) 

Joseph asked the cup bearer to remember him. Guess what? He forgot. For two years. And you know why??

In Genesis 40: 14 & 15, Joseph tells the cup bearer how he doesn't deserve to be in jail. He's done nothing wrong.

My Pastor said, "He still had unforgiveness and bitterness buried deep inside his heart. God could not let the good happen until that stuff was out."

If you've never seen Despicable Me movie, you'll get this reference.

When my now ex husband left, I did not think I deserved it. I have even said, "I was living for God and doing what I thought was right, but he left me anyway." I have since realized some of what I did to contribute to the divorce, I have apologized to him too. However, I still think about it sometimes.

I have been hurt in relationships since my divorce. And yet again, I feel like I didn't do anything to deserve that pain. 

So... what exactly am I doing?? Harboring unforgiveness! DUH! 

I prayed yesterday and asked God to move that out of my heart! I do not want to hold on to anything that's going to keep God's good from happening to me. Lord knows I'm ready for some good! LOL 

Actually, that's not the only reason. Bitterness and unforgiveness is like you trying to poison the person who hurt you, but you are drinking the poison. It hurts YOU! And no one else. 


Who do you need to forgive?

Someone I know passed away yesterday. She was only 43 years old. She had a loving family and children. We weren't close friends, but her death has impacted so many people. It reminds me that life is short. Don't hold on to bitterness. It will eat you alive. Forgive whoever has hurt you. You don't even have to talk to them. It's a heart change. It's a release, let it go! You'll be glad you did.

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