Thursday, September 18, 2014

God is so good to me!

Let me tell you guys... God is so good to me. When you pray, seek Him, and refocus your life, it makes a huge difference!

I see what I have been doing to myself. I see the lies I've believed, the way I settled for less, and the way He really feels about me.

Last night at church, Mrs. Laurel had an amazing message. We have been going through the book of Acts and learning about what the first "church" and believers were like. Mrs. Laurel is a writer, and she tells the story so beautifully. It makes the Bible come to life. Then, she applies it to our lives now. I have learned so much.

God has been speaking to me for WEEKS through the teachings at my church. Sunday's, Wednesday's, and Thursday nights!

Mrs. Laurel says there are three ways to read Acts. First as a history lesson, but not a boring one. LOL  Second as the acts of Jesus, and third like a play that we are watching, but a part of.

She has said, "God created and gifted you uniquely, you have "lines" to say. Being a witness for Jesus is just telling your story."

So, here I am, telling my story.

Over these past few weeks, I have done a lot of soul searching and praying. I realize my mistakes. I want to live by the Holy Spirit and nothing else. 

I have banged against doors that God shut. If it was His will, the door would have just opened. I'm done living that way. It's miserable.

Living by the Holy Spirit and believing what God says about me is where I am now. It's where I plan to stay. If someone does not want to be in my life, I'm ok with that. I just have to live this way now because it's the right thing to do.

The Holy Spirit will always:
1. Point to Jesus
2. Lead one step at time
3. Open doors easily
4. Go right along with Scripture, never in conflict with it
5. Uses my gifts and experiences to reach others

I encourage you to live by the Holy Spirit too!

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