Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Jesus' ministry

My Pastor started a new message series Sunday called "Cringe". It is about some of the things that Jesus said that made people cringe. I will write tomorrow the main message, but today I wanted to talk about Jesus' ministry.

A lot of what Jesus did was around the sea of Galilee. Here is an awesome map I found!

Alright, at the top left you see Capernaum, around the middle, on the left, Tiberias. Jesus did a lot of ministry, healing, teaching, and all around Capernaum.  To Him, that city was three things:

1. A place of peace - He could rest
2. A place of relationships- It is where He called a lot of His disciples from.
3. A place of miracles - He walked on the water and calmed the storm here.

Tiberias was named after an evil Roman Emperor. It was like the Vegas of their day.
That town had:

1. Unbelief & rejection
2. Challenging people- demonic
3. Challenging times - heavy taxation

So Jesus chose to do ministry in this mixed up environment of both places. Real life is mixed up. Life is never perfect. Jesus told us we would have tribulations, but to be of good cheer because He has overcome the world.

Whatever you are going through, Jesus can handle it. He can help you get through it too. He is loving, kind, and wants to help us through life, and restore us! I'm going to talk about that tomorrow.

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