Monday, July 21, 2014

Grace is NOT a one time event!

Most Christians think that grace is just what God gives us when we are saved. There is even that Scripture that says, "We are saved by grace, not by works so no one can boast." 

The thing is, Grace is a continual process. It is a daily thing that God gives us. We end up with mountains in our lives that keep us from intimacy with God. Those mountains are not our responsibility. It's not our job to move them. Grace/ God does that. Stop resisting grace!

Here is a biggy:

If you think grace puts you in debt to God for everything He has done for you, then you are WRONG.

If we owe God for what Jesus did on the cross, then it was just a business transaction. We were in debt to God BEFORE the grace. That's why the cross is a symbol of grace.

If you think you owe God everything, then you will live a life of performance. You can not live by jumping through hoops and hitting the mountains in your way.

Do you struggle with His grace? 

Stop resisting and let Him love you.

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