Wednesday, June 18, 2014

12 Steps For Self Care

I have mentioned several times about how bad I have been to myself. For example, thinking negative about myself. Well, this picture sums up how to take care of yourself. I want to try to do better.

These are self explanatory, but I want to write about a few of them. 

Say EXACTLY what you mean: do not try to dance around the subject or sugar coat something. Just say what you mean. This will help people know and understand you better.

I admit, I am somewhat of a people pleaser. However, in my defense, I enjoy doing things for others. I never have motives behind it. If I feel led to do something for someone, I do it. I am also an extrovert who draws energy from others, so I enjoy being around people and making them happy.

Never speak bad about yourself! I'm a work in process on this one. But it is good to not to it. It is very damaging.

Let go of what you can't control. YES! Do you realize that the only person you can control is you? YUP, that's it. 

It's my humble opinion that God is the best person to give control to. He knows what I need and He has a plan... so I'd rather let Him be in control.

Do any of these stand out to you? Are you taking care of yourself? I'm learning and trying to do a better job, because you know what? I'm worth it!

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